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                             Market Square,  Rochford,  Essex  UK                                                                      since 1247

The stall holders who make up the Market - MARKET every TUESDAY

Pip’s Shoes Paul’s Watches Westley & Family - Green Grocer Homers Pet Supplies Trevor Day - Household Supplies Card Box Lewis for DVD’s Store Brands & General Goods Merritt’s Rugs Steve’s Bags Bread & Cake Stall


The first part of Rochford Hospital was built in 1890, but it has improved since the war. In 1947 the newest part opened. There are 2,000 nurses and 70 doctors in Rochford Hospital.

There are 26 wards and 650 beds. Each ward has 15 beds and 15 people. 4,500 people are employed altogether including caretaking staff, cooks, bricklayers, etc. The hospital does 90 operations a week, and 4,000 a year.

There are about 5,100 accidents a year. The hospital covers 25 acres. There are 45 complaints out of 2,300 outpatients. That's not bad! There are 5,700 patients treated per year. In 1983 3600 babies were born. Out of 26 wards the biggest ward is Johnson Ward. Rochford hospital has a special baby unit. They are going to spend £5 million pounds on new buildings in the next few years to make it even bigger.

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The Market is held every Tuesday.

If you would like to take a stall or more information contact Nick Janes on 07802 427073 or complete the Enquiry Form - select HERE

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Rochford Restaurants

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If you would like to contact any of the Stall Holders, use the details in our Contact Page.


Bread & Cake Stall

Brian & Natasha’s Fish Stall

Card Box

Homers Pet Supplies

Just So Ladies Clothes

Lewis for DVD’s

Mark’s Kids Clothes

Merritt’s Rugs

Monkeys Bargains

Paul’s Watches

Pip’s Shoes

Roger’s Plants

Soll - General Goods

Steve’s bags

Store Brands & General Goods

Trevor Day  - Household Supplies

Westley  & Family - Greengrocers

Five Photographs looking from different sides of the Market Square

Weather in Rochford Just So Ladies Clothes Mark’s Kids Clothes Brian and Natasha's Fish Roger’s Plants

This website is primarily to show off the Market, it’s Stallholders and the businesses which thrive around the Square.

Additionally,we also would like to introduce you other parts of Rochford and it’s area and also to show the Visitor, either locally, nationally or from overseas good reasons for adding Rochford to their itinerary, see the Rochford page.

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Rochford Restaurants Retailers Rochford Market Square Monkeys Bargains Soll - General Goods

RRAVS have committed to becoming a Dementia Friendly Organisation and recently held a Dementia Friends session where many of the team learnt more about dementia and how it affects people and then signed up to be a Dementia Friend; an initiative that was established by the Alzheimer’s Society and aims to change people’s perceptions of Dementia and transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about the condition.

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